private instruction

Rick Smith - $700/hour

In addition to achieving great success in golf as a teacher, designer and communicator, Rick Smith is regarded as one of the PGA Tour’s best sounding boards for swing advice. In 2009, Rick was ranked as the number two golf instructor in the world by PGA Tour players and since 2000, Rick has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten golf instructors in the world; both polls were done by Golf Digest Magazine.

Lesson Tune-Up - $155

Join us for a 40-minute Florida Tune-Up, crafted for out-of-town hotel guests and Miami visitors. Whether conquering Florida courses, mastering Bermuda grass intricacies, or opting for a regular tune-up, our expert instructors are ready to elevate your game. Book now for a personalized golfing experience!

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Video Swing Analysis Lesson - $185

Improve your golf game with our Rick Smith Certified Instructors! Priced at $185, this session focuses on swing fundamentals. Using video analysis, our certified instructors tailor the session to correct faults and strengthen your skills. Don't miss out – book your lesson today!

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Rick Smith Experience - $265

Embark on an unparalleled golf journey with the Rick Smith Experience, a premium session priced at $265. Led by a Rick Smith Certified Instructor, this transformative experience integrates Gears Golf 3-D, TrackMan, Foresight Quad Launch Monitors, Robo Golf Pro, and Onform with BodiTrak pressure mat. Our seasoned coaches improve the full potential of your skills, guided by Rick Smith's vision of compatibility. Don't settle for ordinary – book your Rick Smith Experience and elevate your game to extraordinary heights!

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Director of Academies - $350/hour


Senior Elite Instructors - $300/hour

Our Senior Elite Instructors have at least 15 years of teaching experience, Rick’s Senior Elite Staff is built to make your swing “Compatible” and your game excellent! This group has won PGA Teacher of the Year, been a Director of Instruction at their own facility, has been recognized in Golf Digest and Golf Magazine and has studied Rick’s “Compatible Variations’ and “Golf Matrix”.

Elite Instructors - $200/hour

All Elite Instructors have between 5 and 15 years of experience, this group is highly trained and highly motivated. They are also trained in Rick’s “Compatible Variations” and Golf Matrix. They have extensive experience in the use of the latest technology: JC Video, TrackMan, Flightscope and Swing Guru just to name a few.

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