Golf Swing

The Golf Swing is the most talked about part of golf. We all have a fascination with it. I see it as an equal portion of golf with the other 6 Pillars.
I coined the term “Compatible Variations” in the 90’s and still believe it whole-heartedly today. There is a swing that is “Compatible” with your build, your physical talent, your mentality and your life tempo that will help you be the best you can be. Nobody in golf can get you to your potential like we can. The reason is because all my instructors see golf the same as me. We respect individuality and will put together the most Compatible swing and game for YOU!

Short Game

The Short Game is critically important. This has been preached at you until I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it. We approach short game by challenging you with these questions. How good do you want to be? How important is scoring to you?
Once we know the answer to these two questions, we skill test you and show you a process to short game greatness! I’ve helped Phil, Lee Janzen and many others to have short games that won major championships. My team and I will show you this process when you come to one of our programs or work with us in private lessons.


Your equipment specs and makeup matters. The wrong shaft in a driver and you’re losing distance and accuracy. Do you have the right bounce on your wedges? Are your lie angles correct on your irons?
Our partner for club-fitting is True Spec. They are the world leader in fitting and have the most extensive training of their fitters in the business. Click Here to learn more about getting a True Spec fit.

The Mind

The Mental part of the game becomes more important the better of a golfer you become. I’ve worked with the golfer with the most mental toughness: Jack Nicklaus. The things he shared with me are priceless. I’ll share them with you when we get a chance to work together.
The Mental games of Phil Mickelson, Rocco Mediate, Lee Janzen and the many other Tour players I’ve worked with separate then from the rest. There’s a mindset, an attitude. It is learnable and I look forward to sharing it with you.



Fitness has become a huge component in golf. It used to be Gary Player as the lone proponent and not many players followed. Then comes Tiger Woods and the guys at Titleist Performance Center and fitness has become a “must” and not just a “should”. We want to eliminate back problems and you running out of gas with 4 holes to play.


We are teaming with a few great fitness professionals to bring you programs and education that will help you become fit and healthy.

Course Management

Course Management relates to the mental aspect but is slightly different. It involves your club choice, your strategy, your personality and how you’re planning to attack the course. Jack Nicklaus was more about evaluating percentages and Phil Mickelson was in attack mode by his very nature. Each personality type manages a course differently.
There’s a way to play based on whether you have your A game or B game that day. We want to show you how to get the most out every round!


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