We Believe In YOU

It is not “Natural” to swing a golf club correctly. If we are given a golf club and shown how to stand to the ball and grip it, we still would have a tendency to “hit” from the top and swing the club out-to-in. This Hit Impulse wrecks our swing and leads to pulls and slices.

The “Hit” impulse is one example of what makes golf a challenging game to learn. I take great pride in the numerous Tour players I have coached and the thousands of golfers I have taught to play this game and love it. I want to help YOU next!

We Believe YOU Can Become GREAT!

I know you’ve watched the great players over the years. I bet you noticed the same thing I did. THEY HAVE UNIQUE QUIRKS to their swings. WE ALL DO!

What you’re seeing is the fact that every human being is a little different. This HAS to be taken into account when you learn golf. Too much instruction over the years has forced you to conform to a certain look to improve your swing. Many golfers have had frustrating experiences with trying to get better at golf.

We Take What You Have and Make It Great!

I noticed the unique swings early in my career and studied them. And I mean in depth study. I was able to separate what should be left alone (your uniqueness) and what should be taught and improved. This approach has led to my success with Tour players (Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson , Rocco Mediate, Lee Janzen and many more) that all look different and with golfer who likes to play better golf on the weekend.

When you come to us for lessons or one of our Golf School programs, we customize to your unique attributes and desires. We Take What You Have and Make You Great!!

Programs and Lessons

In addition to individual private instruction, our students have multiple school programs to choose from, each tailored to a golfer’s needs for personal improvement. There is a balanced emphasis on all disciplines of the game: putting, chipping, pitching, hybrids, irons, driving, bunker and on-course play. Program student to teacher ratio’s are low, primarily 2 to 1. With class sizes small, most with 4 students max, the RSGPC is recognized as offering the most individualized attention in a golf school environment in the industry. There is also strong emphasis on other facets of game improvement (physical, technical, equipment, mental).
As students go through this process, our staff provides support, encouragement and expert guidance, instilling confidence through improvement.

Instructional Staff

As a group and individually, the Instructional Staff at the RSGPC combines a level of education, training, experience and dedication that is unsurpassed in the industry. Added to these traits of professional skill, our instructors exhibit a high sense of character, a deep respect for the game, a love of excellence, full acceptance of responsibility for their students, and a passion for teaching . Additionally, and equally important, all our Instructors exhibit a friendly demeanor, which enhances the teacher-student relationship.

Latest Technology

The RSGPC at Trump National Doral uses the most extensive, finest and most up-to-date technology in the game of golf. This includes multiple TrackMan launch monitors, iPad video, JC Video Analysis, BodiTrak, RoboGolfPro and Quintic Ball Roll. These are in addition to all the finest and most effective training aids our instructors employ daily through the the course of individual lessons and school programs.



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