Our Mission: To Find the “Compatible” Swing That’s Best For You

My career has been about helping each individual be the best they can be. If you notice, none of my players look like a clone of one of my other players. Lee Janzen and Rocco Mediate and Phil Mickelson and now Brendan Steele all have unique swings. Why is that? Because my approach to teaching is about each individual being unique!


I Want To Do The Same For You!

My philosophy has been infused into my staff. I chose the best of the best to teach for me at my new facility: The Rick Smith Golf Performance Center at Trump National Doral. I want to invite you to a true Performance Center. The technology and the facilities are second to none. In our programs we keep the student to teacher ratio low. You get individual attention and the kind of advice and feedback that leads to your fastest and great improvement!

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Rick Smith Golf Performance Center is committed to finding the Compatible Variations that you make the best you can be. No One Size Fits All or Cookie Cutter approaches here.

What I Did For So Many Others I’ll Do For You

The secret sauce on what I did for my PGA Tour players and what my staff and I will do for you is in the Process I use. My process is a careful blend of understanding your psychology, your physical makeup, your life tempo and your goals. I take that information and create a plan that puts together the Compatible Variations that are best for you.

I coined the phrase “Compatible Variations” years ago and it means that there is a grip and top of swing and impact and release combination that is best for you. We find it quicker than anybody in the industry and have the fastest results in the industry. You will hit the ball crisper and farther and straighter than you ever have. We are also short game experts. You’ll get out of the bunker every time, chip the ball close and hole more putts than ever before!


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