SQAIRZ are the first golf shoes that deliver comfort, style and performance. SQAIRZ patented toe design provides balance and stability to help your setup on every shot. With a wider base and a heel stabilizer, you will be more balance to take more accurate shots. SQAIRZ shoes provide material with support, comfort, breathability and 100% waterproof. SQAIRZ are comfort & style!

"I first heard about SQAIRZ last year when a friend of mine sent me a pair. I have developed foot issues over the years as a result of golf shoes that lacked stability and allowed my feet to move within the shoe. After hitting only a few balls, I immediately felt the balance, stability, and ground connection. I have taught my entire career that your feet facilitate the key fundamentals of the swing and power in a golf swing comes from the ground, hence the term ‘use the ground’. The science behind SQAIRZ is solid; the balance, stability and ground surface area coverage facilitates more energy exchange with the ground which is how we generate more swing speed and distance. I think everyone should give SQAIRZ a try because it really does make a difference."

– Rick Smith